Join our Team


Want to help shape the future of autonomous racing? We’re looking for Master’s Students interested in joining our team in a quest to make the next generation of driverless race cars beat the human driver.

The project offers deep insights into many different areas of technology. Becoming a part of it could mean developing software or hardware for the following modules of the team:



You build the senses of the car. Develop a camera system and be creative with the newest vision algorithms and machine learning. Or work with the newest LiDAR technology to detect as many cones as possible, pushing the limits of how fast we can drive.


Combine the inputs from multiple sensors to provide an accurate estimate of the car’s velocity, build a map of the track while driving using a complex SLAM algorithm, or plan the best way to navigate the track.


Here it’s all about pushing the car to its limits. Choose the ideal trajectory around the track, or develop the algorithms that control the many actuators, to finally be faster than a human driver.

Software Architecture:

A reliable and tested software stack is the backbone of an autonomous race car. Build on the framework to integrate the software into the car, or improve and expand our Automated Testing System to allow code improvements without hitting the test track.


It’s all about the hardware: develop a fast, precise steering actuator, design a redundant emergency braking system or engineer the brain of the car: the computing system.


Electronics make the car come to life. Everything from integrating new sensor systems and designing printed circuit boards to ensuring on-car communication or modifying the power supply falls into the regime of the electronics module.

Operations & Marketing:

Help represent the team to sponsors and the media, organise exhibitions, design the teamwear or manage team infrastructure - to name only a few of the tasks this module takes care of.


Unfortunately, we have already completed our recruiting process for this season.
If you are excited about the project and would like to join us next season, we would be happy for you to check back in September 2019.