The 2018 <<gotthard>> driverless team kicks off a busy season of events and testing with two major milestones: Rollout and ZF Race Camp. Many hours lie ahead for the team.

Driverless  2018  revived  «gotthard»,  the  car  built  by  the  AMZ  Electric  team  in 2016. Hardware   modifications   include  a  newly  designed  high-voltage  accumulator,  additional  sensors  for  perception,  and  actuators  for  steering  and  braking.  To empower it with autonomous ca-pabilities, «gotthard» has been reloaded with several sensors such as the LiDAR, cameras, a GPS system and an optical velocity  sensor.  This  year’s  innovation  lies  in  using  the  LiDAR  point  cloud  to  additionally  identify  the  colour  of  the  cones. The vision pipeline consists of a stereo  camera  configuration  to  detect  cones  at  short  range,  and  a  mono  ca-mera to detect cones farther away. 


The  2018  team  brings  diversity,  in  terms  of  both  nationality  and  skillset.  Students are mostly busy studying their masters  degree  at  ETH  Zurich  in  the  fields of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Robotics. The 20 students in the 2018 team  come  from  over  11  nationalities,  including  India,  Italy,  Lichtenstein,  Ger-many, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, and Thailand.

May 14 - The EKZ Dietikon campus is abuzz with activity  and  excitement.  The  dynamic  team  of  AMZ  driverless  is  busy  practicing  the  trajectory  tests  of  the  car  and  ensuring that the hardware and the software integration of «gotthard» driverless is working reliably. Final checks are done  before  the   car   is   showcased to the guests, who include everyone from sponsors, journalists, friends, and family members.


At  6pm,  the  gathered  audience  are  given  a  visual  treat  of  the  splendid  racing  cars  produced  by  AMZ  since  the  beginning  of  the  season  in  September  2017. A presentation follows explaining the  various  building  blocks  of  transforming «gotthard» into  a driverless car. The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived.  The  show  run  of the  driverless  «gotthard», with  the  car  following  a  fixed  trajectory  without  any  deviation, while being pushed.  With  this,  AMZ  announced the arrival of a reloaded «gotthard» waiting to zoom ahead autonomously.

On16-18 May, the team travelled to Friedrichshaven, Germany, for the ZF Race Camp.  In addition to testing on a large test track, this event gave the team experience in organising themselves in an event, presenting some of the static  disciplines, and  interacting with other teams. With over 600 students from electric, combustion and driverless teams  from many countries, the AMZ Driverless team was enthusiastic to showcase gotthard.

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