About gotthard
4x 39 kW 181 kg 1.9 s 120 km/h

«Success through Innovation» - the maxim for «gotthard». It is a reflection of the most important principle in the first ten years of the AMZ’s success story. The main concept of gotthard was developed with radical improvements. The packaging is redesigned and includes a split accumulator container. A new suspension was developed along with self developed tires. The efficiency of the drivetrain was further increased. Well-known strengths such as self-developed engines, MRF dampers, an extensive vehicle dynamics control system and a full aerodynamics package are implemented.

By dividing the accumulator container, one of them could be placed in front of the driver, the other behind the driver. The result is a better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity. Furthermore, a diffuser which is integrated into the chassis was realized. The radiators have been placed behind the chassis and are actively aired by two fans. As a result, the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle is optimized.

The suspension system is complemented with a third spring. The so-called Heave-Spring allows nearly independent control of the heave and pitch movement of the vehicle. As a result, the single wheel springs are further modified and softened, which yields more mechanical grip on the self developed tires. Furthermore the dampers are controlled with MRF technology.

The efficiency of the drivetrain was further increased by several individual modifications. For example new SiC semiconductors are used and the electric motor was completely redesigned (in sixth generation). A self developed battery management system, which communicates via light, enables an effective usage of the battery and guarantees maximum safety. 

The courage to take the untrodden path brought the team a rollercoaster of emotions: harsh setbacks and huge progress, defeat and victory - everything that defines a year in Formula Student. The effort paid off: in a turbulent season «gotthard» made a convincing mark against the strongest-ever competition. A failure in Silverstone was followed by an outstanding victory in Austria. Bad luck caught up again in Germany, but a second place in the final event in Spain made for a very successful end to the season after all.

However, gotthard story is not over yet as it has been chosen to become the next driverless racing car of the team. Many modifications and new and exciting challenges are ahead. Stay tuned.


Lisa Oberosler
  • CEO
Miguel de la Iglesia Valls
  • CTO
Angelo Corradi
  • Hardware CTO
Juraj Kabzan
  • Software CTO


Nicolò De Rita
  • Computing System
Angelo Corradi
  • Brakes
Friedrich Prinz
  • HV Accumulator
Claas Ehmke
  • LV Electronics
Jochen Stiasny
  • Steering
Napat Karnchanachari
  • HV Electronics


Ankit Dhall
  • Computer Vision
Ramya Sivanesan
  • Computer Vision
Mehak Gupta
  • Computer Vision
Nikhil Bharadwaj Gosala
  • LiDAR


Claas Ehmke
  • SLAM
Manish Prajapat
  • State Estimation
Andreas Bühler
  • SLAM


Jochen Stiasny
  • Trajectory
Napat Karnchanachari
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
Eugenio Chisari
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control

Automated Testing System

Victor Reijgwart
Juraj Kabzan
Hubertus Hendrikx

Software Architecture

Sonja Brits