As with the introduction of the electric class in the year 2010, Formula Student once again proves to be a booster of innovation: Following the industry trend towards autonomous driving, the introduction of the Formula Student Driverless represents a competitive platform for students to get an insight into autonomous mobility and realize their own concepts. It is fascinating to experience how the novelty of the series requires new approaches to novel challenges. Furthermore, we observe how the knowledge base of the AMZ increases and we are glad about the symbioses we find with our electric project.

Joy of Innovation

True to the association’s history, the AMZ will participate in the new series from the very beginning. The new subteam of 17 people is driven by the joy of the new challenges. These are particularly found in the areas of robotics, software and in the field of embedded systems. Therefore the group of AMZ alumni that initiated the project, is strengthened by master students of the relevant disciplines. Like the traditional Formula Student electric project, the driverless project is hosted by the Institute for Virtual Production. The Autonomous Systems Lab and the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control are also involved through supervision of various theses written on the project. We are very pleased that a big portion of the additional expenditures of the driverless project are born by existing sponsors.

Find out more about the new Driverless series and our first steps in the newsletter: Download (pdf)